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Young volunteers can contribute
part of a report from a programme we work with in Cambodia - about a volunteer in her very early 20s... read the full item
Siem Reap, Cambodia - appreciative comments from the head teacher
We love it when local people tell us about our volunteers' time with them and their skills-share.... read the full item
A great volunteer & measurable results
These comments from the local team at Good Work Foundation, following the placement of Roosa, a F... read the full item
"Among many things, Roosa has helped the Hazyview Media Academy create templates with GWF logos, ... read the full item
India - local people prove that the volunteer programme works for them !
this an exerpt from Dianne's report: "I have been told by a new teacher about teaching styles (that... read the full item
Appreciation of our volunteers - in The Gambia & from The Gambia !
Volunteers Susie and Chris have been working with ASSET in The Gambia since the end of October – ... read the full item
Better Performance posting from last year’s exams
Better Performance posting from last year’s exams This time round, good performance was po... read the full item
When a volunteer wonders what she's achieved ...
This from Latifa, house mother in one of the residential homes for girls in the foothills of the Atl... read the full item
“you don’t need me to tell you what a wonderful lady she is”
This  from our partner in Cambodia “you don’t need me to tell you what a wonderful lady she i... read the full item
"he accepted thathis way was not always the best within the Cambodian limitations."
"Godfrey provided considerable support to the Vocational Training Director and the Sparkies worke... read the full item
He accepted that his way was not always the best within the Cambodian limitations.
a report from one of the projects we work with....on a volunteer....""G provided considerable suppor... read the full item
"willingness to share ideas and teaching experience with the staff"
(The school has benefited from) her kind nature and patience in dealing with the students and her... read the full item
Voluneer praise from Saint Lucia
‘Her quiet calm nature and her apparent understanding of youth at risk was demonstrated in her ap... read the full item
Saint Lucia teachers -they really appreciated volunteer Val
"Her kind nature and patience in dealing with the students, her willingness to share ideas and te... read the full item
Cultural heritage preservation & restoration in Saint Lucia - TV reports
towards the end of his time in Saint Lucia, volunteer Kevin talks about the results of his work w... read the full item
People and places' volunteers are 'wonderful' !
"Godfrey and Andrea are both wonderful volunteers and are contributing much to our work." (in com... read the full item
Nicki is a trusted mentor and advisor
This from our local partner on reciept of volunteer Nickis report and the questionnaire from th proj... read the full item
"You are now part of the Yangrima family"
Dear Julie,   Great to hear from you and it was great having you at Yangrima. I am so ... read the full item
"ethical,meaningful and responsible placements...can also be great fun"
 WOW this recommendation for Sallie and our work at people and places made us feel really proud... read the full item
Robin and Jane have produced an amazing amount thus far
 Being Friday afternoon I have just returned from Addo, and Av Buklani.     Robin ... read the full item
'welcome to Sermathang - Nepal'
wonderful images of the village - 30 years ago and now - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VIz0fllX... read the full item
The story of EFA in Morocco
achievements and goals for village girls' education - Education for All http://www.travel-peoplea... read the full item
The Gambia - what a difference a year makes!
great news for Early Childhood Development teacher-training - read all about it here http://www.t... read the full item
Ulimate in responsible volunteering
 We have had a successful season with our volunteers working at Amar Jyoti School. With emphasi... read the full item
The volunteer programme - a local perspective
We been involved in hosting self funding volunteers for a period of about 5 years. We did, thro... read the full item
"Hurrah and thanks to you all" from Nepal
 Dear Volunteers all,   First, a very Happy Easter to you all and a big thank you for th... read the full item
From the principal of Amar Jyoti School, Nepal
to read this letter from Mr Damodar Sapkota, principal in 'Education Development in rural Nepal... read the full item
Reflections on voluntourism
Read the text of a talk given by one of our partners to get an insight into the local perspective ... read the full item
A thankyou from The Gambia
Words cannot express our appreciation of Cathy and Tony’s contribution to a future Gambia . Ja... read the full item
A compliment from a local partner
"How do you sustain this pace of constant excellence" well the answer is....Kate works wi... read the full item
Praise from a local partner
..... an enormous thank you to Sallie and Kate who work so hard, and with such total commitment... read the full item
Dedication, humour and enthusasm
This is an exchange between our local partner in Nepal and their first volunteer Dear Valerie, H... read the full item
Praise from a local partner
"How do you sustain this pace of constant excellence?" read the full item
It's a pleasure and a privilidge
 "Again, it was a pleasure and privilege having the volunteers with us. R was an absolute ... read the full item
A new school library
Nelson Mandela Municipality recognises the work of volunteers. OFFICIAL SCHOOL LIBRARY OPENING/ SEN... read the full item
Samata school Nepal - students newsletters
Volunteer Peter helped the students of Samata write and publish their first newsletter s Read ... read the full item
The chance to learn to work
This is a letter received by a volunteer from a village elder Dear Charles, I am writing this fo... read the full item
The code of practice adopted by our local partners
Volunteering as a global travel practice is big business. Unfortunately growth markets are susceptib... read the full item
From Missionvale South Africa
Our two most recent  volunteers at Missionvale are very able human beings, they have very often... read the full item

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