Robin and Jane have produced an amazing amount thus far
 Being Friday afternoon I have just returned from Addo, and Av Buklani.
Robin and Jane are doing well, in fact they need to be here longer.
They have produced an amazing amount thus far. They came to a computer lab that has departmental Cammi software on, that teachers have been using, but after a day or two of observation the recognized that teachers are only using the system to a limited degree in terms of what all it can produce. First step was to work out the software admin system, which they have done, and they have been assisting the teachers coming to the lab, and upgrading the admin of the system making it more relevant in terms of assessments for the teachers of learners abilities. Robin has had a few interesting encounters with the Education Departments Cammi support staff. 
They have run a couple of teacher training sessions on excel, and are setting up model lessons on how to effectively use the Cammi programme in a proper way. This will happen next week!
They have standardized all the desktops, so its easier for teachers, and developed worksheets for the students who are in the lab, but cannot access a terminal due to large class sizes.
And Robin has been team teaching in the grade 4 technology class, working on practical tasks that help teach technology!
So there input has been tremendous.
Just so we don’t forget that things never run smoothly, Nomatansanqa Township has been having the water switched off and on over the last 2 weeks. 800 children, no water for hours is not easy to manage. Added to that, getting home to their homestay and not having access to water to bath, is no fun at all. I am pleased to report though that as of middle of this week the water is back on!
They had a wonderful welcoming ceremony this week, with local stakeholders in attendance. Jane was fascinated by the formality of the programme, which seemed forgotten after each speaker as everyone got up to sing some songs.
On there first day, as we arrived at the school, some Grade R children were outside waving SA flags, and carrying little signs that said Welcome Robin and Jane! A real warm welcome.
So half way through, we have made great progress, and all is going as well as can be with intermitant water!

Contributor: Paul Miedema
Created: 19/09/2011

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