where does your money go?
This is one of the most important questions for volunteers – and we totally understand that you need to know where your hard earned money is going. 
There are all too many stories in the press of volunteers learning that next to none of their fee benefits the people they are seeking to support. Many organisations simply tell you that a percentage of your money is spent on “project development” without specifying what that means – is the CEO’s salary and travel expenses included because they work on project development?  We don’t do that – all the UK team’s travel costs are self-funded and we tell you where your money is spent too – and how much on you, how much in the UK and how much on the project…..and if we don’t tell you enough we are happy to answer any questions you may have.  This is your money – it’s important you know where it’s going.
Each placement varies slightly as to exactly how your money is spent, but we guarantee that at least 80% of what you pay - for placements of 4 weeks or more - is spent in the host country, where it is needed most.  How do you know this for sure? – your invoices will clearly show where the money is going – only our matching fee is paid to us, the rest is paid directly to our local partners. A costing for each project is given on individual project pages, and the specific details will be fully explained to you when your placement is confirmed.  In each case your payment will be divided into four categories, covering direct costs in-country such as transport and accommodation, payment to our local partner for project management, liaison and supervision in-country, a contribution to the project where your placement takes place, and payment to people and places for recruitment, matching and project support and development.
And you may ask why do I have to pay to volunteer?  We believe that no economically poor community should subsidise volunteers.  It costs money to properly support you – indeed if the projects we work with had funds available they might be able to locally access the skills you are prepared to share. 
That said we do not ask or expect you to part with any more money than the agreed costs – so please, if you are approached during your work by anyone for more money, let us and our local partners know.  

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