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Ethical volunteering with people and places and treak Cambodia
Whats volunteering really like and how do you do it - from Womens Weekly - read the article here ... read the full item
Volunteering abroad made us friends for life”
We took a sabbatical from our lives!/ read the full item
A good reputation
An example of an organization that has a good reputation is www.travel-peopleandplaces.co.uk. They h... read the full item
A bright and bold light shining through
"this organization, has set a mark for finding quality volunteering opportunities throughout the wor... read the full item
"meaningful volunteer experiences"
3 people and places volunteer programmes included in " 12 Ethical trips for 2015" read the full item
"one of the best"
 One of the best volunteer organisations, in my opinion is the award-winning people and places.They ... read the full item
"people and places is one of the good guys...."
 - an outfit that isn't just a marketing excercise and profit-generator. ....  read the full item
"professional, personal and responsible"
"The honesty inPeople and Places extends to the functioning of the programs, where as a volunteer... read the full item
"..I would say no. In fact, I find that some of the most responsible organizations where you pay a... read the full item
People and places named in top five ethical 5 volunteer trips by national Geographic
"“Please, please ask questions,” says Sallie Grayson, programme director at volunteer tour o... read the full item
Saint Lucia television reports on the Listed Buildings Project
As part of its mandate, the Saint Lucia National Trust seeks to preserve buildings of historic and a... read the full item
People and places named as a transparent volunteer organisation in The Guardian
 "people and places – which has won a Responsible Tourism award and does a range of community develo... read the full item
" Expensive voluntourism trips 'the least responsible' " - Telegraph Travel
Our first ever campaign for better and more responsible volunteering was through encouraging all ... read the full item
"fundemental to delivering responsible, accountable,ethical and sustainable travel"
people and places recommended by Linda Cruse in her recent book Marmalade and Machine Guns. &qu... read the full item
Thinking of giving time and money to people who need it, they are the people to call.
 Many thanks also for all the lovely feedback during the year, such as the two women who travel... read the full item
People and places "stand out for their responsible credentials"
" people and places, who also won the best volunteering organisation award in 2009, emphas... read the full item
ABTA partners with people and places
 ABTA The Association of British Travel Agents has chosen to partner with people and places for... read the full item
You Tube facebook the blog and more
check out slideshare   youtube  our blog  facebook for volunteer interviews ... read the full item
'broadening the gap' - Telegraph article
Here is an article from the Saturday Telegraph, highlighting the increasing number of people who tra... read the full item
Volunteering in South Africa - a surprisingly local story!
 The Olney Phonebox Magazine - October 2011 - click here to read the article read the full item
People and places knows how to work with grown ups
 "It (people and places) takes great care in matching volunteers to community needs and op... read the full item
Carefully managed
 "This carefully managed organization has won accolades for fiscal transparency. It was cr... read the full item
you could do a lot worse than book a trip through this site.
people and places listed in Independent's Top 50 travel sites.Read more here read the full item
CNN interviews people and places
Why do women volunteer? read the full item
Responsible Tourism Award Winners
people and places won "Best Volunteering organisation" in the 2009 Virgin Holidays Respons... read the full item
An interview with Kate
Kate talks to her local paper about people and places and the responsible tourism awards. Read here read the full item
The right people in the right places
"Volunteeringis a potential minefield for the unwary and the unprepared...people andplaces offe... read the full item
The power of word of mouth
"What I have discovered over the years is that the most powerful form of promoting what you do ... read the full item
People and places wins prestigious responsible travel award
We are thrilled to announce that we have won the 2009 Virgin Responsible Travel Award for the best v... read the full item
A report on the conditions in some Port Elizabeth schools
Read  a local South African newspaper story about the conditions in some Port Elizabeth schools... read the full item
Volunteering and the reality gap
Richard Hammond a leading responsible travel writer gives some insight to the pitfalls of volunteeri... read the full item
More good advice in the press
This article in The Daily Telegraph is interesting for a couple of reasons at least. 1. If this doe... read the full item
The quilt is only the beginning
The Herald in Port Elizabeth talks about the coming together of township parents whilst stitching a ... read the full item
Irresponsibility exposed
Kate Harold and I started people and places to campaign against activities like this Young adults c... read the full item
people and places stands out in the market
Regina Motalib recommends people and places in an article for women who want to improve and enhance ... read the full item
people and places' pedal power
The Bokomosa bicycle project is an example of how small changes can bring real and sustainable chang... read the full item
Recommended by Rough Guide
A brand new publication CLEAN BREAKS by the reputable travel book publisher Rough Guides has re... read the full item
Want to check us out?
If you'd like to contact previous volunteers independantly and find out more about us  - then w... read the full item
Creating sustainable change
Recently published in The National Education Association newsletter in the USA - this intr... read the full item
Elections in South Africa
Asanda Booi works with Paul and the team in Port Elizabeth and was interviewed last month by the BBC... read the full item
A new volunteering initiative The Guardian 29.02.08
This article was first published on guardian.co.uk on Friday February 29 2008. Gap years as work ... read the full item
"One organisation that works tirelessly to match volunteers with a suitable placement is people... read the full item
"Skilled volunteering may be the answer"
Wanderlust recommends people and places in October 2008 "None of these options is free ........ read the full item
Upholding integrity in volunteer travel
Sallie was recently asked to write a piece for the International Ecotourism Society. Read it here read the full item
Smoke and mirrors and bullied local communities
An article written by Sallie Grayson co- founder people and places for The Tourism Society March 2... read the full item
New Standards of Transparency
Since 2004, responsible tourism has seen an improvement in standards. Those who now win awards are m... read the full item
An article that demonstrates the circumstances of many of the children from Township Schools.
This article is about one of the teachers  from Joe Slovo Primay School  - with whom our v... read the full item
An interview with volunteers
Listen to an interview with three volunteers who worked and lived with the community of Addo in Sout... read the full item
Lucky to have had this opportunity
THE willingness to learn, openness and welcoming nature of teachers at a small school in Addo have l... read the full item
Matching is central to people and places ethos
ETHICAL TRAVELLER Catherine Mack on responsible volunteering 'VOLUNTOURISM" is a holiday c... read the full item
Some general debate on responsible volunteering
Read some of the debate currently going on in the press.The comments show how important it is to do ... read the full item
How to be a responsible volunteer
This article, written by us, was published by responsible travel in March 2008 We believe respons... read the full item
Richard Hammond in The Guardian
Travel with a lighter touch Your eco dilemmas - several questions from readers of The Guardian, a... read the full item
By volunteers for volunteers
Our newsletter will now be the responsibility of two previous volunteers, Lamorna and Nigel have val... read the full item
David Clemmons - Voluntourist
VolunTourism “People & Places has created a niche for itself based upon its "respons... read the full item

People & Places - Winner - World Responsible Tourism Awards 2013 - Best for Responsible Tourism Campaigning

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