e-volunteering with people and places
e-volunteering - what is it - how can it help and what could you do?

e-volunteering  is a way for you to volunteer from home – it will suit volunteers who want to use their skills and experiences to support a project abroad but are not able or do not wish to travel.
We can arrange an e-volunteer placement for you in a number of different ways – take a look here to learn more 
Depending on how much time you are able to give – just an hour every couple of weeks (or even just a one off) will enable you to create a story video or demonstrate a skill such as balancing a bank statement or making papier mache. We can also structure a placement by matching your skills to project needs in the same way as for a travelling volunteer, and your placement outline will be structured to allow for regular online meetings with the people you will work with at the project.
e-volunteering will enable you to give the time you want, to support a community project or school from your own home – when it’s convenient for you.

We are particularly proud to have won the World Responsible Tourism Award 2020 for Innovation for this e-volunteer programme  because people and places was conceived to innovate for better practice in the volunteer travel. 


"The creativity, innovation and problem solving which has gone into this, for each and every type of placement, is phenomenal.I love the way you've presented it too. And it looks financially accessible also. Love that you can do an individual story for just £30. Great for people on a limited budget or with limited time." Martin Punaks International Development Expert

“e-volunteering with people and places Morocco Project has been really worthwhile during the pandemic: it has helped improve the House Mothers’ spoken and written English, giving them the vital confidence to help their students and communicate with visitors in the future. It is proving to be fun for both participants, being a real cultural exchange.” Wendy
“With Covid-19 closing schools and making international travel virtually impossible, we at our community centre have been trialling online classes for our students. A key component of these activities has been the help we’ve received from volunteers who have connected with our staff and students through a variety of online platforms – thankyou. We are very keen to develop this online interaction, learning together and continuing the cultural exchange that has proved so beneficial, to our students, staff and the volunteers who work with us.”Michael Horton Cambodia
“Working with people and places has been both educational and inspiring. Following on from my 4 week placement in 2019, I was keen to maintain contact and continue to give assistance in any way I could. It has been an absolute pleasure to be part of the development of some hugely important training that will help to further develop and shape the education and care of the youngest children in The Gambia. It is heartwarming to know that support can continue successfully through technology, as challenging as this may be for some people in other countries.” Joanne
“I was frustrated because people still have the same needs they had before, and cutting us all off from each other does not help them get the things they need, like educational help.” Ben

” As we in The Gambia are working hard to adapt our very important tourism industry for post Covid it is important that we can continue to access the skills that people and places volunteers  share with us – even if they cannot travel to be with us. We are keen to work with volunteers who have business, IT, web design and language skills – we look forward to working with you – a warm welcome awaits you on the sunshine coast even if it is virtual sunshine!” Adama Bah – The Gambia

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