We get many questions about volunteering in general, about people and places as an organisation, about the projects we feature and a whole host of other things! We're always happy to answer any questions you may have so if you can't find an answer below, please feel free to contact us!
What is your COVID Policy
what is screening?
what is e-volunteering?
why do I have to pay to be an e-volunteer?
how can I support my project without travelling?
can I work from home?
does people and places have any political or religious affiliation?
tell me more about the ethics of volunteering with children - particularly orphanages
why should I pay to volunteer?
what can I take with me to help people at the project where I'll be volunteering?
how much does it cost to volunteer with people and places?
how long can I go for?
I've read a lot of bad press about volunteering - can I really do a useful job?
I've read lots about the dangers of volunteering in orphanages. What can I do instead?
I've a couple of weeks to offer - can I still volunteer with 'people and places'?
I need to fundraise - any ideas?
what age do I need to be to volunteer?
can I fundraise for my project?
do you have an information leaflet I can give friends, family and supporters?
what's the accommodation like?
how do I arrange flights?
who will prepare me for my placement?
how long are the working hours and how much free time will I have?
where does my money go?
will I be safe?
what's so special about people and places?
can you send me a brochure?
how can I be properly insured?
will I need a visa?
people and places is a UK company - do I have to be British to volunteer?
how can I help? what will I be doing?
I'm interested - what do I do now?
how quickly can people and places confirm my placement?
who will my contract be with?
I want to travel next month - can I?
what if I can't find the answers I need here?
how can I ensure that I'm a responsible volunteer?

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