who we work with
Our relationships with our local partners are vital. We believe it is more appropriate, more effective and more responsible to work WITH local people rather than INSTEAD of them. That's why none of the people and places' team work in host countries – but we do visit often.
In preparation for working with a local project, we carry out rigorous due diligence - ensuring that both you, the volunteers, and the people you work with are safe and well-prepared. 
You can comfortably prepare for your placement in the knowledge that we’ve already addressed the social, economic and environmental criteria that make up responsible volunteering abroad.
Local people know their communities far better than we ever could – our overseas partners are in the best place to identify projects and to understand their needs. They are the people on the front line, providing professional and ongoing liaison and support for projects and volunteers. In partnership with these local heroes, we provide quality volunteer  placements that contribute to the developing and ongoing needs of the projects.
And how did we find these amazing local partners?  
Initial introductions came through Professor Harold Goodwin ( Co-founder and Chair of our Advisory Committee) and his ‘little black book’. Harold’s work brings him into contact with extraordinary individuals and businesses around the world. There could be no better place for people and places to begin than with people who are committed to their communities and the principles of responsible tourism and community development.Over the years we have,in turn met and developed working partnerships with other similar organisations.
We’re really proud to be in partnership with these people. They have a wealth of experience in community work and responsible tourism - they maintain support for projects and volunteers, truly understand the challenges because they are part of their local cultural context.
When you register with people and places, you’ll be able to read more about our local partners. 
During the matching process and well before you travel, we will introduce you and our local partner to each other, so that you will be able to communicate directly. As a people and places volunteer, our partners are your partners - before, during and after your volunteer work placement.

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