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“Voluntourism” – the wrong people in the wrong places – it must stop!
“The volunteer industry has come in for a lot of criticism recently – much of it from us! We believe that volunteer travel often does more harm than good. As campaigners who encourage people to share their experiences with us, we have plenty of first hand stories about exploited children and traumat... read the full item
People and places become members of The Code
 We at people and places are proud and pleased to be finally supporting The Code officially.  The Code is an industry-driven initiative with the mission to provide awareness, tools and support to the tourism industry to prevent the sexual exploitation of children. &... read the full item
ABTA choose to work with people and places on employee volunteer programme
 The association of British travel Agents announces it's new volunteer programme in The Gambia - working in partnership with people and places. Read more here article on pages 15/16 read the full item
About people and places
Background information on people and places. What are our goals  - how do we work  -  who are we? Download pdf here read the full item
TravelPledge update 2011
Read the full update on TravelPledge fundraising here read the full item
Luxury Voluntourism trips - can they be responsible?
‘Luxury Travel’ and ‘giving back’ may be considered a contradiction. The pioneering responsible volunteer organisation people and places disagrees. “Our answer is absolutely not. What is this perception that only the poor can help the poor - where did it come from? S... read the full item
Volunteers may not be insured!
Travellers are insured to pat a tiger but not to read a book! Read more here read the full item
People and places offer short volunteer placements - WHY?
We are thrilled to announce that people and places is working with one of the most trusted adventure tour opeators EXPLORE! to bring travelers the opportunity to engage with local communities during their holidays. Working with our local partners we have been able to ensure that these shor... read the full item
South Africas best kept secret
Where can you go in the staggeringly beautiful and diverse country that is South Africa to enjoy the benefits of voluntourism – without following the familiar and well-trodden path.....Nelson Mandela Bay read more here read the full item
When to give time and when to give money
It all started with the Tsunami in 2004. Many people who saw the stories of loss and devastation wanted to help – they wanted to get out there, roll up there sleeves and just help. For most people, this is an instinctive and apparently rational response – that same response is being show... read the full item
Volunteer travellers can rest easy
 It used to be true that such volunteer travel meant having to ‘rough it’ to a greater or lesser extent – accommodation was often cheap with minimum facilities and few creature comforts. It seemed to be tacitly understood that volunteering had to involve deprivation – of... read the full item
Award winners advise potential volunteers to ask recruiters to proove their claims
Why should I believe you? Prove it! This is the question award winning volunteer recruitment organisation people and places wants potential volunteers to ask. Read full release here read the full item
Award winners say "Campaigning won't stop"
people and places has been awarded ‘Best volunteering organisation’ at this year’s Virgin Holidays Responsible Tourism Awards, organised by here about ourcontionuing campain read the full item
Exploitation of young gappers and vulnerable communities must stop
people and places to address The Gap Volunteering Market .Read morehere read the full item
Giving other people's money away isn't easy
people and places is a founder supporter of TravelPledge the charity that helps "giving back through giving" Read more here read the full item
Questions that must be asked
people and places has been leading the campaign to raise consumer awareness since it's inception -  indeed it was one of the reasons people and places was conceived. Click here to download the telling questions we think consumers should ask. read the full item
How it all began
When Harold met Sallie -  and what Katie did next. How it all began read the full item
Short term volunteer placements - don't call us we'll call you
There has been a great deal of debate in the media recently about the validity of short term volunteering - and the profits made by placement organisations. The backlash is such that many suggest that travellers should "turn up at projects". We think that is irresponsible and ill considere... read the full item
How bicycles brought together a school caretaker and an international corporate financier
What could a school caretaker, a retired insurance claims officer, 5 Zulus, a corporate financier and his family, a village elder, a working mother and a human resources executive  possibly have in common? ... Bicycles! ... that are helping a community at work and play. Click here to ... read the full item

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