Case Studies
Volunteers Ursula and Diana - meet in Wiltshire via Kathmandu and Eastern cape south Africa
 Different journeys in very different corners of the world bring two Wiltshire women together - read their story here published in Witshire magazine December 2012 read the full item
Volunteers tell their own stories on Video
 want to hear what volunteers really think about their volunteer experiences - take a look here on our you tube channel read the full item
"Bonds of trust and friendship" Volunteer Susan writes about her time at Emmanuel project
 Susan Board is a qualified counsellor  - she has recently written about her experience for  "Private Practice" a professional publication here in the UK. This article gives some great insight into how counsellers and social workers can help at Emmanuel Community HIV projec... read the full item
Jane & Robin tell it like it is
Volunteers Jane & Robin worked to build IT skills for staff and pupils in a rural South African school - read their report here read the full item
Tony writes about his time in Tshume School
 On his return from South Africa, volunteer Tony writes to his predecessors - read his letter here  read the full item
Evelyn talks about her two volunteer placements in Nepal
Evelyn has volunteered with us twice in Nepal - in two very different schools - one in Kathmandu and another near Pokhara. read her story here see a short video of Evelyn in Pokahara working with a local teacher and pupils here read the full item
Volunteers tell their own stories
check out slideshare   youtube  our blog  facebook for volunteer interviews & project news read the full item
UNCUT! video interviews with volunteers
 Hear about the rewards and callenges of volunteering with people and places from volunteers in their UNCUT videos. watch them here read the full item
"people and places ticked all the boxes for me"
 Volunteer Mel talks about her volunteer time in nepal - part of her round the world trip watch the video here read the full item
Teacher Margaret talks about her time in Nepal
 "people and places are very thorough and everything was well planned" watch the video here read the full item
Nosi's Story
Nosi was a valued carer, she was one the first carers at Emmanuel. She worked tirelessly within her community to help and advise HIV suffers - this is her story written by a volunteer. read the full item
The Kuglers - husband and wife team.
Larry and Eileen Kugler have volunteered with us twice in the rural township school of A.V.Bukani. Their second trip was "returning to find we never really left"   Read their story. read the full item
Emma - HR manager in her 30's
Emma's volunteer experience was truly "lifechanging".Here she tries to explain why. Read read the full item
Naomi - qualified midwife and grandmother
Read all about Naomi and her experience in Nepal here read the full item
Bill - retired lecturer and education manager
Read about Bill's two volunteer placements here read the full item

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