Time and team management training by a volunteer with business skills.....
....for a school principal in Cambodia - and time was found for product development to help the funding of the community centre!

"If you have a skill that you could share and would like to immerse yourself in another culture then
volunteering abroad is a fabulous experience. In particular in Cambodia, the variety of skills that they can
make use of is huge and there are a lot of established NGO’s doing excellent work who could benefit so you
would really be making a difference. The time taken by People and Places and the project partner to
identify volunteering opportunities matched to people’s skills and experience is vital to the success of the
experience for both sides and I can say that they do it very, very well. Because I was there to do a job that
I really enjoyed it kept me going when sometimes other aspects were hard such as getting used to the heat
or feeling under the weather!
I think it’s important to contribute as much as you can whilst you are there. I never felt I had all the
answers but the willingness to get alongside your Cambodian colleagues and share with them what you
know is really helpful."

Read the whole case studet here

Created: 25/11/2020