how we work
So, let’s explain what we do, who we do it with and how we do it!
people and places aims to put the right people in the right places at the right time - as openly and as honestly as we possibly can! It's of paramount importance to us that our work has integrity, and that you feel valued.
In 2002, the Cape Town Declaration said that tourism should `actively involve the local community in planning and decision-making, and provide capacity-building to make this a reality.' 
We firmly believe this approach should also be applied to volunteering abroad, and it's the very basis of how we work. Every one of the projects we work with originates in the local community - NOT here! Our local partners and the people who work at the project identify their needs – we don’t! Needs assessments form the basis for each project support plan. Before any volunteer is matched to a project, we will have shared with them information about that volunteer and their skills and experience. Only with the project's consent will a volunteer placement be confirmed - this is what we mean by 'informed consent'.
Our role is to enable volunteers and local communities to gain mutual benefits through skills share. What do we mean by skills? – anything from gardening to accountancy – IT to bereavement counselling – teaching to fashion design. We take the time to find out what your skills and experience are.  We match your skills to local needs in open consultation with you and the local communities ... and we work as transparently as we can, because we want you to know where and how your money is spent. 
Each project is costed individually, reflecting real local costs, but the same basic principles apply to all. The bulk of every volunteer's payment (more than 80% for in country placements of 4 weeks or more) is paid in country. To learn what is covered and paid for in these costs, please look at the costs section towards the end of each individual project description.  Also note that we are a social enterprise – we are not run for the benefit of shareholders.
So - you're interested in volunteering abroad and want to know more about our skills share programme. Now what?
First, you need to register with us - registration with people and places is completely FREE and commits you to nothing! 
If you have questions about volunteer work and our skills share programme before you feel ready to register, please don't hesitate to contact us.
Later, we will need more information from you, and you will need plenty of information from us.  Read More.
Both you and the project need time to understand something about each other so that your placement has real mutual benefit - and mutual benefit is what responsible volunteering is all about!

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