Dedication, humour and enthusasm

This is an exchange between our local partner in Nepal and their first volunteer

Dear Valerie,

How sad you did not make it to India – but all the more reason to return and to visit us again to check up!

We are totally missing you both. Your dedication, humour, [Oxford comma!] and infectious enthusiasm set the project off to a cracking start. It is us who must thank you, not vice versa.

The whole gang wishes you much love and many thanks. I hope you are back on the road to recovery.

All good wishes,



Dear Marcus
You probably wouldn't expect to hear from me quite so soon but I didn't make it to India due to the infection I picked up – the doctor at the Clinic (which you very kindly called for me) thought it was best that I return to England. It was diagnosed as an infection of the sinuses – but the good news is that I will live!!

The real purpose of this e-mail is to somehow express my thanks to you and your staff for the wonderful way in which you cared for us during our stay. The kindnesses of everyone never faltered the whole time we were there and even increased (if that were possible) during the few days I was feeling unwell. Their friendly faces and attentive ways, coupled with such beautiful scenery and comfortable accommodation, was something Margaret and I looked forward to so much at the end of our school day.  How fortunate we were to be given an assignment by People and Places that gave us the best of everything!

Please would you pass on my heartfelt thanks to everybody – I should name them but don't want to miss anyone out and would probably spell their names incorrectly anyway! We were made to feel safe and secure and when it was time to return to Kathmandu I felt as though I was leaving a family behind - I am missing you all very much.

My thanks also extend to the delightful Tiger Mountain representative who looked after us in Kathmandu. He quickly organised the tickets for my return to England which was sooner than anticipated, and when it was time to go to the airport he escorted us every inch of the way and only left our side when he was sure we were safely inside and through security.

The project itself is very exciting and both Margaret and I not only enjoyed it very much but we are also so pleased to have been in at the start. We will always feel we have ownership of it – so don't be surprised if we closely follow how it progresses! One thing we didn't put in the report but feel that maybe it should be written down under the 'Way Forward' section is that it would be a good idea if the I have copied this e-mail to Kate and will be telephoning her soon to let her know what a magical experience this has all been. I know Paddy and Julie ( the next volunteers ED) will have a wonderful time and I will speak to them shortly too so that they know how much they can look forward to their trip. 
I am attaching a thank you letter addressed to the Head Master.  Please would you put it into an envelope for me and pass it on to him when school starts up again next week.  Thank you.

Contributor: Marcus
Created: 20/10/2010

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