the chance to learn to work

This is a letter received by a volunteer from a village elder

Dear Charles,

I am writing this for the lack of anything better to give in appreciation for all you have done for us in the past few weeks.  I become emotional to that there are still people out there who care about the welfare of others even though they might differ culturally and otherwise.

Your presence in our Community has directly impacted on the lives of the youth of our Community.  I do not have the vocabulary or literary acumen to can express how we appreciate your efforts to uplift us from our despair and worthlessness.

I am going to give you the views of (5) five people you have directly influenced.  This is what has been said about you after some days when you had already retired for the day, and I have tried to capture as much as I could.

27 yrs NATHI (He suffers from epilepsy and is unemployable in most business concerns).
"This old white man has done what other people of my own colour refuse to , he has given me the chance to learn to work with my own hands.  My own people laugh at me when I "get fits" and would never give me a chance to work.  I wish he could stay longer and teach me more skills then I could save my disability grant to buy tools and be able to start my own repairs workshop"

SOLLY 49 years ( A TB sufferer)
"Charles is a tremendous man I look forward every morning to work and learn from him.  I envy the other guys who have already built up trailers and repaired bikes with him.  Can he not extend his stay?  After all he is retired and can afford to stay another month and I can try my hand at trailer building.  Persuade him to stay."

MARCUS 28 years (A well known good for nothing)
Charles has taught me an easier skill than building houses.  The bricks we use are too heavy and the people don't always pay well.  With trailer building and bike repairs I am sure I can always earn money even not as much as building.  People don't build everyday you know, and there are many better builders out there.  Please ask him to come back again and he can help me with my welding.

AARON 23 yrs. (Never worked before)
Pastor please organise more people like Charles.  Our village will be the best around here.  People envy us because we have a white grandfather.  Just be careful when you work with him, he gets cross easily.  Just the other day he screamed at me Marcus for not doing what he wanted.  But we love it because he teaches us."

25yrs. SAKIE (A Pakistani refugee who rents the shop adjacent to mine).
"Hey Pastor, this old white man hates to see a dirty place.  We must try and keep this shop yard and surrounding area tidy.  Have you seen him picking up bottles and papers?  He makes me feel ashamed.  How can we make the children aware that it is not right to throw papers and things around?  Please let us do something about it.

Now Charles, I do not know what else was said when I wasn't there, but I am sure it is as glowing as what I have written.  And well me, you know how I feel and rate you.  This makes me reiterate what I believe about God.  God uses people to demonstrate his love to us, and you are one such person.  In you is all the goodness and Love of God, you are the vehicle He chose to give hope and strength in our time of despair.  You are one of those apostles that Do

Contributor: Pastor Peter
Created: 16/07/2008

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