a thankyou from The Gambia

Words cannot express our appreciation of Cathy and Tony’s contribution to a future Gambia . James, a project just came to mind (from your volunteering suggestion) -SOUTH-SOUTH volunteering. It will be great to keep some percentage of what is received from volunteers to pay for our volunteering trips to other Southern countries. I am sure I can do something on Responsible Tourism and you on financial IT. We can talk about that when we meet. Again, just to say a big thanks to these wonderful people who give some part of their valuable time to others.


Hi Cathy and Tony,
I guess you have settled back into some form of routine since arrival in UK Friday last. I want to thank you both greatly for the input you made as volunteer teachers to some Gambian Kids during your school vacation.

 It is greatly appreciated because the knowledge/skills imparted go beyond the individual students you taught.  It is a national contibution and even a global contribution to educating tomorrow's adults.

 As I've mentioned in conversation, I would wish to do the same elsewhere, very soon. 

 There's nothing better than giving quality time and experience to youths and to those who're less fortunate than oneself. 

 The books and financial donations are also very much appreciated.

 On behalf of my partner Adama Bah, Faces & Places is saying a big thank you for your volunteering efforts. We do hope that you've taken back some fond memories of The Gambia.

 We wish you the very best in your teaching career and personal lives.


Contributor: Adama and James
Created: 30/11/2010

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