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The volunteer travel opportunities we offer are accessible below.

You’ll see that some projects are shown in several categories: education development, business & administration, health & social care – are often needed in the same community project. This is because of the holistic way in which we work.

These close community relationships make it possible for us to create appropriate placements - whereby each individual volunteer’s abilities are matched to each project’s needs.

If you have skills or experience that are not specifically mentioned in these descriptions, please CONTACT US – we’ll be pleased to discuss possible placements with you where your input can be best used.

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Location Saint Lucia
Project Type youth development support
In various locations around the island, this programme works with young people who are disadvantaged or marginalised - through their special needs, social deprivation or by failures in the traditional education system in Saint Lucia. [learn more]
Location Nepal
Project Type youth development support
This project currently works with a school in rural Nepal. The goal is to help to improve teaching techniques through skills share with local teachers and develop ideas for practical teaching. You will live in the famous luxury Tiger Mountain Lodge. [learn more]

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