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South Africa ia a complex country
Contributor: Jean

Xenophobia was a constant topic of conversation: One weekend I visited friends in Johannesburg, on Sunday morning their daughter attended a faith based march in the city, the theme was 

“Churches unite against disrespect of Human Dignity - if you want peace, work for justice " 
This was well supported and strengthened the knowledge that the majority of South Africans are appalled by the situation and want peace for all.
South Africa is a complex, vibrant, young country. The poverty, disease and despair is overwhelming, the way forward is uphill and uncertain  and yet to hear the carers and others singing every morning gives hope for a brighter future. The singing reflects their mood, the welcome we received in song, dance and prayer was noisy, uplifting and memorable; Muriel’s mother sadly passed away while I was there and the singing that morning was exquisite, mournful and haunting. To hear Bella sing “Amazing Grace” accompanied by Thandi, Nomano and Simphakosi is something never to be forgotten.

It is easy to be critical, but on reflection I have learned a valuable lesson and that is how important it is to focus on each small step that is taken rather than the large steps that are


Created: 30/06/2008
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