getting Stuck in in Bali

....we have been very busy! We have learnt much about tropical fish and the marine environment.  This is very absorbing and we have enjoyed travelling to the north coast meeting lots of new people and new situations.  We are finding our previous experience in development quite relevant to this situation and are hopefully bringing a fresh perspective to Ron and Gayatri.  There has been lots of brainstorming and adding to the information left by Jo.  For example, today Hugh led a teach-in on credit unions and savings and loan clubs as a way of supporting small rural communities.  We are also looking at the book-keeping system and Joan is doing one to one English with the staff and they are most appreciative.

We are just off for a relaxing weekend at Ubud and already have a list of things we want to tackle next week which should be fun.

Contributor: Hugh and Joan
Created: 05/06/2008

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