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Andrea at "half term / half time" in Siem Reap
Contributor: volunteer, Andrea

I've just realised that already I'm half-way through my time at Grace House, 3 weeks school already over. Yesterday we tinkered with balloons and rice in Arts & Crafts. The kids had a lot of fun, we teachers also, when we were cleaning up the mess in the classroom ... who had this craft idea!! ;-) Since each lesson takes place twice, once with the morning class, once with the afternoon class, one has at least the chance to fix mistakes. So the afternoon lesson then took place outside.

On the way home I was doing the paper work for the next week at the copy shop: 500 copies on the subject of first aid. 
The bad thing: the sides of a 8-page handouts are unsorted and stapled .... I had earned the chai latte at Common Grounds coffee shop! ;-)

Created: 04/03/2014
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