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"efficient ... professional ... attentive and personal"
Contributor: volunteer Andrea

Remember our first email? 
“The process of creating a well-matched placement generally takes at least a couple of months before a placement can be confirmed – so both you and I will need to be VERY efficient in our exchange of information if February is your preferred start date.“

It’s taken us 6 weeks… I’d like to thank you for the not only VERY efficient, but also very professional matching process and management. Every question was answered within hours, you were always competent and transparent, you were flexible and pragmatic and would not let you stop by problems such as language issues. I do feel very well taken care of and I do have a really positive gut feeling! So even if there are easier bookable and less expensive organizations and projects out there, I think I was ment to register with people & places and I will recommend you to any colleague who wants to be a volunteer. The process/attendance felt attentive and personal.

Even though my project has not even started yet, I am convinced I will have a great time in Cambodia and I will never forget that experience. I will let you know in any case… ;-)

Created: 06/01/2014
+44 (0) 1795 535718

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