"P&P is one of the most ethical companies I have ever come in contact with."
 My husband and I are about to return for our 5th volunteer visit to a rural South African school through People and Places. I cannot overestimate the quality of this provider. P&P is one of the most ethical companies I have ever come in contact with. They care deeply about running programs that enable sustainable change for the people whom the volunteers serve. Throughout the volunteer process, we felt that P&P was knowledgeable, ethical, caring and supportive. They work with local partners around the world who are equally impressive. We had no intention of making this part of our life's work, but we now feel that South Africa is our second home. I credit P&P for making this such a meaningful program for us, as well as the teachers, students, and families in the township we serve.

Critical Feedback:

I take the responsibility of writing an honest review very seriously because others will depend upon my words. Truthfully, in my years of working directly with P&P, I cannot find a flaw in their program. This is one great program

Contributor: Eileen
Created: 09/04/2013

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