"I truly found a rare happiness in the mountains of Nepal"
 " So what can be said of my month stay in Nepal? Sometimes at night it would rain so hard that it sounded like someone was dropping a bag full of change on the tin roof and lightning would flash and illuminate my small room while thunder shook my bed, every morning the birds would land on the roof with a loud bang and wake me up, the local toilet was nothing more than a wood floor with a hole cut out and you needed to add a mixture of leaves and dirt when finished, no tv no Internet and we were without electricity more often than not, hot water for the shower was rare and the only meat I had was buffalo that was served twice during my stay.
What can be said about my month stay in Nepal? I loved every minute of it.
The generosity of the people in Sermathang can not be summed up in words and there was never a shortage of tea, biscuits, and boiled potatoes being offered to me.  Every dinner "che che (eat eat)" was repeated until I literally had to cover my plate.  I was invited into homes of people whom I hardly knew but grew to love.  I loved singing Louis Armstrong What a Wonderful World and The Beatles With a Little Help from my Friends with the women of Sermathang's Folk High School, and I'll never forget the endless laughter and smiles that filled the tiny room we held the class in (often by candlelight).  

Most of all I'll remember the children, the beautiful children of Yangrima Boarding School with their smiles and their singing. The children who would walk with me to school and hold my hand and offer me some of their food whenever I showed up during lunchtime.

I truly found a rare happiness in the mountains of Nepal and when the children asked when I would return (not if) I knew that I would find my way back to this little village that had given me so much during my short stay."

Contributor: Jai
Created: 27/09/2012

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