I'm feeling very much at home
I have had my first 2 days in the township and the warmth of the people and school staff is wonderful.  Their fantastic singing yesterday changed a  staff meeting into an extravaganza of music and dance.  The  poverty of the area and the awful housing in wooden and tin shacks and a school which has no working toilets and water at the moment let alone simple resources doesn't seem to spoil their sense of joy. The children I am teaching are 7/8 and a delight, so hungry for education. They sweep the dust from off the windows and sweep the floor at the end of the day and sing their hearts out.  In the feeding centre we visited over 3oo kids bring their margarine tubs for food and volunteer nurses from the UK on the same programme visit people dying  Aids.  But there is no sense of gloom. Our driver bangs the roof of the van and shouts 'VIVA' every time he mentions Nelson Mandela. The internet in the hotel is really expensive and in a cupboard so I won't be making much contact but rest assured everything is fine and I'm feeling very much at home.

Contributor: Jenny
Created: 26/04/2011

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