Have gone native and lost interest even in rugby matches etc in UK
Hi Kate and Sallie
All well on the India front! A lovely sunny Sunday stretches ahead and I am catching up on e-mails before heading into the village for cut throat razor shave and haircut! School is fantastic. The kids really do know very little English, partic. spoken English so everything has to be very basic, and we need Hindi input from time to time. Only Devendrer and Mukesh  (the other male teacher  teach English but the three ladies are quite good and explain in class when we get lost), CD player and songs are invaluable. games out of doors like Mr. Wolf, Simon Says, and then the highlight of the day, cricket, frisbee and ball games with both boys and girls.
Were invited to teachers house last night for dinner, great shopping before for saris, toe rings etc, then met family and played with children.. all adorable. Have gone native and lost interest even in rugby matches etc in UK. Can we book for next year11??
More later but better stop as two monkeys have arrived on my terrace and have taken an unhealthy interest in my extension lead!

This is an email in situ report from Nick, an education volunteering in India. Feb 2010

Contributor: Nick
Created: 01/02/2010

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