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irritations, conflicts, disappointments ...excitement and wonder
Contributor: mary
A piece of wisdom from one volunteer to another before they started the placement together
"I look forward to working with you and I feel that our concerted efforts will make a difference. It is a great privilege to be able to share ideas and experiences. We cannot be too hard on ourselves or each other and be be content with what we can do.. When we laugh at ourselves we will never cease to be amused because none of us can change the world. It is however very important that we have open dialogue which will enhance the planning , we should not to be fearful of honest assessment and learn how to be constuctive in our suggestions.  There will be irritations, conflicts, disappointments and examples of injustice that will challenge us but there will also be the nicer side which we have to cherish with excitement and wonder. 
On balance if we make one person happy it is a journey worth while."
Created: 25/11/2008
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