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how we're structured

people and places is a social enterprise – and is not run for the benefit of shareholders.

Since our first meeting in a Gambian garden, we constantly work hard to demonstrate full transparency and accountability – and we report to an advisory committee that keeps us on our toes! Our local partners are also committed to high standards of financial transparency and accountability.

Professor Harold Goodwin is Chair of the advisory committee, and there is always at least one previous volunteer member. Read More.

As co-founders of people and places, Harold, Sallie and Kate have signed a legally binding agreement not to pay any dividends. All company profit is covenanted to charitable purposes through TravelPhilanthropy. We work with Travel Philanthropy to offer volunteers an efficient, accountable and transparent means of donating to their chosen projects. To read more about how we work with Travel Philanthropy here.

With apologies for paraphrasing the Cape Town Declaration, people and places is committed to equitable business practises, harnessing the power of volunteering abroad to benefit local people.

People & Places - Winner - World Responsible Tourism Awards 2013 - Best for Responsible Tourism Campaigning

+44 (0) 1795 535718

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