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They are great teachers and I loved being able to support them
Kate and the team at People and Places were very helpful, accommodating and efficient in orga... read the full item
Very friendly atmosphere
The accommodation at Tiger Mountain was superb. I was very well looked after on all accounts. There ... read the full item
What was the highlight of your volunteer experience?
Mainly it was wonderful to be accepted as (almost) part of the furniture by the brilliant staff of t... read the full item
Volunteering is the best thing you could do but only if you do it right.
 Would you recommend volunteering to other people or not?   I would definitely recommend v... read the full item
A trusted and respected name
People and Places is an organisation that is of particular interest to me because it is a trusted an... read the full item
"most informative ..."
We work so hard here at 'people and places' to ensure that all our applicants and volunteers are wel... read the full item
the best thing I have done since retiring.
 the best thing I have done since retiring. Thank you to Sallie and Kate at People and Places. read the full item
People and places is the organisation I'm most comfortable with after doing some research
"I have chosen People and Places because I want to be 100% sure that I'm matched with a placement I'... read the full item
Appreciation for people and places from a new applicant
“I have wanted to volunteer abroad for a long time. I am very aware of some of the inequalities in t... read the full item
India - volunteers’ work in Chitardai shows clear results !
LOVE this news about successful volunteers’ skills-share and achievements in Chitardai primary schoo... read the full item
WOW - how special is this volunteer input in The Gambia !
This from volunteer Susie, working with ASSET in The Gambia: "I had promised myself that I would ... read the full item
Appreciation of our high standards
"If I do organise an overseas volunteer scheme, I will definitely be doing it with People and Places... read the full item
I used to just wing it
a young student finds a path - thanks to volunteering with us "Would you recommend volunteering t... read the full item
I feel so much richer for having taken part. It is as if my brain has been re-ignited
on a personal level, the project was extremely stimulating and invigorating. Hard work - yes - but I... read the full item
"in safe hands"
You will learn about yourself and perhaps be more interested in, and more interesting to others.   V... read the full item
You are a truly responsible company that delivers to its promises
I decided to volunteer again with people & places because you are a truly responsible company that d... read the full item
No nonsense no fuss approach
“Just thought I would let you know that I have been very pleased with the help Delroy and Yinka h... read the full item
I felt very prepared for this trip
Kate you are so organized and speedy with your responses back to me. I felt very prepared for this t... read the full item
Negotiating the "minefield" ...
The following from future volunteer, Elaine - who has obviously been checking out many of the projec... read the full item
Andrea at "half term / half time" in Siem Reap
I've just realised that already I'm half-way through my time at Grace House, 3 weeks school a... read the full item
Volunteer Kevin - preservation of cultural heritage in Saint Lucia
towards the end of his time in Saint Lucia, volunteer Kevin talks about the results of his work with... read the full item
Volunteer Pam - first post from Peru
"It was with some trepidation that late in January, I made the long journey from the UK to Cusco,... read the full item
The scenic route to work in Cambodia
"More and more often I take the bicycle to school instead of the Tuk tuk, then I am flexible and can... read the full item
Volunteers at work, rest and play - Saint Lucia
volunteers Kevin & Esme – a weekend off, and still found time to do some research ! “I ... read the full item
MA student Anke reviews her placement - and gains a great degree !
carefully crafted student input can enhance their studies and research – as demonstrated by Anke,... read the full item
"efficient ... professional ... attentive and personal"
Remember our first email?  “The process of creating a well-matched placement generally takes at... read the full item
"p and p is a very special organisation"
 I cannot praise this company too highly. I felt highly supported throughout, from the time I w... read the full item
"P&P is one of the most ethical companies I have ever come in contact with."
 My husband and I are about to return for our 5th volunteer visit to a rural South African scho... read the full item
"....convinces me that i would love to volunteer through your company."
 Dear Kate,  Thank you for a lovely and encouraging email!   I have read your ... read the full item
My experience still shines bright
 Nearly three years on and still my experience volunteering in South Africa still shines bright... read the full item
"......you make sure that the volunteer’s skills match the community’s needs"
 Your organisation gives me the impression that you make sure that the volunteer’s skills... read the full item
"a professional company such as yourself gives me a lot of confidence
 "I have been looking to do something like this for a number of years now and to actually ... read the full item
"I truly found a rare happiness in the mountains of Nepal"
 " So what can be said of my month stay in Nepal? Sometimes at night it would rain so hard... read the full item
"Upfront....she was able to think outside the box"
I stumbled across the peoples and place website purely by chance and Kate was very responsive. When ... read the full item
people and places were brilliant in supplying so much information before I went out there and I woul... read the full item
"one highlight was seeing a local teacher change his style"
 teacher Michael talks about his experience working with teachers in a township school. watch ... read the full item
Professional, friendly and positive
I have nothing but praise for the way that the entire volunteer experience was; from initial contact... read the full item
How volunteering should be
I was happy living in the mountains, being part of the school and also the village community  ... read the full item
Exceptional personal service - so many highlights
 These are some extracts from a post placement report by volunteer Nicki who went to Amar Jyoti... read the full item
It was good to be so well looked after in Nepal
 This is a recent email to our local partners at Shermathang school from volunteer Julie  ... read the full item
You will not be disappointed by what you get back
 “The term ‘community’ never meant a lot to me until I became a Pioneer in Ap... read the full item
volunteer stories from volunteers
check out slideshare   youtube  our blog  facebook for volunteer interviews ... read the full item
"few other volunteering organisations seem to provide this"
  "•     Providing a detailed breakdown of how our money would... read the full item
"people and places are very thorough and everything was well planned!
 Volunteer margaret talks about her time at Amar Jyoti School. Watch the video here read the full item
” I felt very safe in people and places arms”
 danielle aged 21 when she volunteered talks about her volunteer experience on Emmanuel a  ... read the full item
"I liked the concept of total transparancy"
 Volunteer Nick talks about his many volunteer placements with people and places - he was our f... read the full item
"an experience far greater than as a normal tourist "
"to see people with so little who have such joy"  Volunteer Nita talks about her e... read the full item
One of the highlights was to be embraced by my homestay family
 Lynn, a social worker, volunteered at emmanuel in Port Elizabeth. watch her video interview he... read the full item
I know I will be providing something that's needed....
 and that i have good back up. Volunteer Yvonne talks about her volunteering experiences - yes... read the full item
Watch a short video with education volunteer Michael
 Michael worked on the schools support programme in port Elizabeth. watch his video here read the full item
A video interview with volunteer Danielle
 Watch a short interview with a volunteer here  read the full item
Among the lessons we learned
We’re home and we can’t stop thinking about the incredible school and township we left.&... read the full item
'a two-way thing'
a few notes from a recent volunteer's report show strong local partnership: Orientation and prepa... read the full item
'go with an open mind'
I would say, to anyone thinking about volunteering, that you will have a wonderful experience. You w... read the full item
Health care volunteer - "a day in the life"
No two days are ever the same in Emmanuel.  It's difficult to put into words how a day actually... read the full item
A volunteer warns against trying to do too much
As this was my first experience of volunteering abroad, there certainly seemed to lots to think abou... read the full item
The Gambia - practical tips & advice
from one volunteer to another: 1) If you want to take a laptop you can use it in the air-conditione... read the full item
Tiger Mountain & time off in Nepal
Accommodation: Very comfortable room, excellent service / help / friendliness from the staff, superb... read the full item
More evidence of volunteers 'passing the baton'
First of all, thanks to P&P and previous volunteers for their useful and helpful advice.The form... read the full item
At home in Nomathasanqua township
The food was not exciting but OK and a sandwich, lots to drink and 3 pieces of fruit was just right ... read the full item
A previous volunteer sees real progress
"It sounds like it was an excellent group of volunteers who did some great work.  Just rea... read the full item
I'm feeling very much at home
I have had my first 2 days in the township and the warmth of the people and school staff is wonderfu... read the full item
"very personal right from the start"
My interaction with People & Places felt very personal from the start, dealing with Kate regular... read the full item
It would not have happened without you
 It is truly amazing to see what you have been involved with in such a short time - many thanks... read the full item
Immense satisfaction
I would like to thank Kate .. for affording me such an opportunity to enter a world I did not k... read the full item
Something that will be with me for the rest of my life
I think that great thought has gone into each project that has volunteer placements and everyone inv... read the full item
"Extremely welcome in her home"
My accommodation could have not been better, I was truly blessed to have been put with Mikie as she ... read the full item
What a magical experience this all has been
The following is an exchange between one of the first volunteers at the school in rural Nepal and ou... read the full item
Wonderfully honest and encouraging
This is just to keep you in the picture. We have now all met and had our orientation  and our f... read the full item
A returning volunteer is delighted by small changes
Normally, I do not like to return to a place because I am fearful of getting more disillusioned. I a... read the full item
Why choose people and places
Most of all, I’m hoping to find a placement that will have a sustained impact – not just... read the full item
Wouldn't swap the experience for an all expenses paid first class trip to paradise.
I applied in January and went in July - far too much time to get myself in a proper stew! But, havin... read the full item
Follow the blog from 2 volunteers in India
Bob and Penny Wolfson are travelling to India to volunteer in March. Follow their blog here read the full item
Quite unlike the experience of some friends
I'm so looking forward to working in the school and quite happy to take what comes.  Years of e... read the full item
Have gone native and lost interest even in rugby matches etc in UK
Hi Kate and Sallie All well on the India front! A lovely sunny Sunday stretches ahead and I am catc... read the full item
Help so pleasantly given
Many thanks for your latest e-mail. It is almost time to go and I just thought I would tell you ho... read the full item
Passion and commitment
After three trips with people and places it’s hard to put into words what it is people and pla... read the full item
Admission from a volunteer
 In retrospect the advice from Kate and from Paul ( people and places local partner in South Af... read the full item
A Samata volunteers blog
Read Margaret's blog as she writes it in situ in November 2009. read the full item
" You have opened the gates of freedom to us. "
This is an inspirational blog by returning volunteers The Kuglers in South Africa. The parent involv... read the full item
Honesty and integrity
We've been impressed with the organization, honesty, and integrity of your program, both in the U.... read the full item
We tried to prepare ourselves for anything...but
Our appreciation for the integrity and honesty of both ( people and places and local partner Calabas... read the full item
One profesional to another
Hi Geoff I,m sure you must be feeling a whole range of emotions about your imminent visit to Missio... read the full item
To be honest I had planned to go with another company
I loved the experience and got everything I'd hoped to out of it and more.  It was fantastic to... read the full item
Facebook group for people and places volunteers
We've set up a group on facebook  - so to contact other volunteers, chat about volunteering and... read the full item
First and foremost a huge thank you to everyone involved in this remarkable experience. A friend gre... read the full item
networking amongst volunteers is great! I recommend all prospective volunteers contacting someone wh... read the full item
A teacher volunteer's blog from South Africa
For  a diary of one volunteer's experience in Port Elizabeth. Sue asks you to forgive the... read the full item
A month at Missionvale
It all started with a small advert in a travel magazine, and it seemed in no time at all I was headi... read the full item
These teachers are the most extraordinary group of people
Larry and Sara have been working with the teachers in grades 2-4, both in class and in afternoon sta... read the full item
Work and pleasure in The Gambia
This from a volunteer in situ in The Gambia March 2009 This is a beautiful country and the people... read the full item
Connecting people all over the world
Thanks so much for sending the pictures.  It really warms my heart to see that the bicycles are... read the full item
My time there as very very special.
Thank you, thank you thank you so much for the photos of my lovely Jo Slovo School. 1 year ago today... read the full item
Irritations, conflicts, disappointments ...excitement and wonder
A piece of wisdom from one volunteer to another before they started the placement together "I ... read the full item
Too many thankyous
“And in terms of thank you’s… we’ve never felt so appreciated and “ov... read the full item
For volunteers by volunteers
Our newsletter will now be the responsibility of a previous volunteers,  Nigel has valiantly of... read the full item
Incredible work
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you and good luck. You are enabling incredible work and development in t... read the full item
5th Avenue Guesthouse
I called it the Garden of Eden… it was beautiful and the people were wonderful. read the full item
Simple skills
In addition to building a five trailers, copying a cycle hitch and repairing a few bikes I hope I ... read the full item
We feel our skills have been well matched
We have thoroughly enjoyed our stay in Bali.   Ron, Gayatri and the staff here have been m... read the full item
South Africa ia a complex country
Xenophobia was a constant topic of conversation: One weekend I visited friends in Johannesburg, on S... read the full item
The rewards
The rewards have been immense, I feel empowered to do much more voluntary work, I have a belief in m... read the full item
Why people & places?
people & places were the only organisation I came across at the ‘One Life Live’ exhi... read the full item
The needs were so great and we were so inadequate and very much fish out of water
Day One  Our brief is to focus on developing the capacity of the poorly-trained home based car... read the full item
Getting Stuck in in Bali
....we have been very busy! We have learnt much about tropical fish and the marine environment. ... read the full item
Dear Prospective Volunteer,
I have just returned from my second term at Emafini School in the Kwa-Dwesi Township near Port Eliza... read the full item
Part of a team
We very much enjoyed our trip and really had a trouble free time.  The timing of our visit seem... read the full item
Did I have a lovely time? NO!
On returning home friends and family asked if I had had a ‘lovely’ time in South Africa.... read the full item
A myth and a truth
You only have to walk through the school to appreciate that they are far from sad, impoverished plac... read the full item

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