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Making it easy to buy from social enterprises across the UK. BuySe is all about helping social enterprises to promote their products and services in a professional and affordable way whilst making it easy for customers to find and buy from them nationwide. So start setting out your stall at BuySe.co.uk.”
Visit their web site
an african news resource. Visit their web site
OneWorld brings together more than 1,500 organizations from across the globe — to promote sustainable development, social justice and human rights. Visit their web site
 Wiseowls is a non for profit over 50s specialist employment and training support organisation. Lots of info and advise as well as employment opportunities Visit their web site
Harold is Chair of our non-executive Advisory Committee, the Committee designed to keep us responsible & answerable in all that we do. Visit their web site
OneWorld.net aims to provide the UK's best online coverage of human rights and sustainable development issues. Visit their web site
The International Centre for Responsible Tourism is a post-graduate training and research centre based Leeds Metropolitan University Visit their web site
The Responsible Tourism Partnership is a not for profit organisation that works in partnerships to improve destinations for local people and their visitors. Visit their web site
A great on line dictionary for Xhosa, Urdu, Wolof, Nepalese....indeed just about any language you may use in your travels! Visit their web site

People & Places - Winner - World Responsible Tourism Awards 2013 - Best for Responsible Tourism Campaigning

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