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People and places information leaflet
 Download the latest copy of our promotional leaflet here -  read the full item
A useful resource list to learn more about the ethics and challenges of responsible volunteering
 We have compiled a short list of links that you may find useful for your reserch into voluntee... read the full item
Interview with Kate Stefanko - Placement Director
 Q: When was the business founded? A: people and places was founded in 2005, and our first vol... read the full item
Latest volunteer and project news from volunteers and projects!
check out slideshare   youtube  our blog  facebook for volunteer interviews ... read the full item
Slide show presentation from volunteers and people and places
 Subscribe to people and places on  slideshare here read the full item
About people and places
Background information on people and places. What are our goals  - how do we work  -&nbs... read the full item
GoOverseas interviews Sallie Grayson
Read the full interview here read the full item
Responsible Travel Audit for people and places 2008
 We have - voluntarily – undergone an independent audit carried out by The Responsible To... read the full item
Professor Harold Goodwin - responsible volunteering and people and places
Harold Goodwin is co-founder and non- executive chair of our advisory committee. Read his take ... read the full item
How it all began
When Harold met Sallie -  and what Katie did next.  How it all began read the full item
Irresponsible tourism exposed
www.irresponsibletourism.info  a great site to research exposure of bad practices read the full item

People & Places - Winner - World Responsible Tourism Awards 2013 - Best for Responsible Tourism Campaigning

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