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people and places Privacy Policy

our privacy policy
This policy explains your rights, as set out by the Data Protection Act 1998 (the Act). The policy explains why we require your personal data, what we do with it, and what you can expect from us in return. It also explains how you can obtain a copy of your personal data as held by us.

The policy does not replace the Data Protection Act – it shows how people and places will comply with the Act when processing your personal data.

your rights and how we protect them
We have a legal duty to protect your personal data. The following principles apply when we process it:

  • Your data is only processed with your knowledge
  • Only data that we actually need is collected and processed
  • Your data is only seen by those who need it to do their jobs
  • Your data is retained only for as long as it is required
  • Your data is accurate and is only used for the intended purpose
  • Your data is protected from unauthorised or accidental disclosure
  • You will be provided with a copy of data we hold on you, on request
  • There will be procedures in place for dealing promptly with any disputes

Whether we hold your data on paper or in electronic form the above principles apply.

who has access to personal data we hold
We only hold data supplied by you, by your nominated referees, the projects and local partners with whom you are working or have worked. Personal data received by people and places will only be seen by those whose jobs require them to do so. In practice, this means the UK placement director, the projects and our local partners.

NB – the contents of DBS disclosure will not be disclosed to anyone without your express permission.

Any member of staff with access to your data is thoroughly checked by a governmental security unit. Each of our staff is data protection trained and is aware of their responsibilities under the Act. We conduct regular compliance checks on all DBS departments and systems. All checks are to the standard set out by the Information Commissioners Office. In addition, continual security checks on our IT systems are undertaken.

our reasons for requesting personal data
We have a duty to ensure that your volunteer placement is meaningful, worthwhile and safe, for you and for the local communities in which you work. It is important that we conduct a complete and accurate check of each applicant. Your data is requested for this sole purpose.

retention of data
people and places will ensure that data is not held for longer than is necessary for the purpose.

storage of data
Your data is held in secure computer files, which have restricted access.

your rights
The Act states that data should only be processed in accordance with the rights of an individual. These rights include:

  • To know what data we hold about you, and
  • To ask us to amend any data if it is incorrect
  • To receive a copy of that data if requested

notification of changes
If we decide to change our privacy policy, or need to do so, we will post those changes on our website.

contact details
We will be happy to answer any questions on this policy.

Our contact details areas follows:
Email: privacy@travel-peopleandplaces.co.uk
Postal: people and places, 1 Naboth’s Nursery, Canterbury Road, Faversham, Kent ME13 8AX, UK

+44 (0) 1795 535718

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