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 Goodtrippers is the 'eat/sleep/do' for responsible travellers - reviews and news of eco accommodation, eco cafes and restaurants, and volunteering projects. All reviews are by fellow responsible travellers (get in touch if you'd like to contribute your own review) Visit their web site

Silver Travel Advisor is a friendly website packed with advice, tips, information and honest travel reviews written by and for Silver Travellers (aged 50 and over).  It is run by a group of travel professionals who have several hundred years of experience between them. The site is a one stop shop for anyone planning a holiday or needing some advice or information.

Visit their web site
Calabash Tours was created to introduce the true urban South Africa to visitors. Explore the Port Elizabeth area, visit previously inaccessible townships and meet the locals. Visit their web site
  The Career Break Site is the UK's biggest career break site, with everything you need to plan and organise a sabbatical. Free, independent career break guides and career break ideas. Visit their web site
This is great for really impressive 'factoids' - here's an example:
If The United States were your home instead of Saint Lucia you would...
use 6.6 times more electricity
spend 11.3 times more money on health care
make 4.3 times more money
consume 3.4 times more oil
have 53.5% more chance at being employed
have 53.02% less chance of dying in infancy Visit their web site
This is a user-friendly guide to green holidays.   Packed with ideas and information on where to go, how to get there and things to do while you’re away.   Plus a growing guide to eco-friendly accommodation in the UK. Visit their web site
 round the world flights is an excellent source for flights - particularly multiple trip flightes where you need to coordinate multiple trips with stop overs.The site is also jam packed with advice and tips. Visit their web site
Hosted by Richard Hammond - a leading journalist in responsible travel - this site provides a forum and advice for people who wnat to traval ethically. Visit their web site
A human edited speciality travel directory Visit their web site
An award winning travel company in India - dedicated to those who choose to tread lightly.Ibex have 30 years experience and offer  TAILOR-MADE Eco Tours, Adventure Journeys, Cultural Holidays, Luxury & Safari Travel. Visit their web site
A great on line dictionary for Xhosa, Urdu, Wolof, Hindi, Nepalese....indeed just about any language you may use in your travels! visit their website
Visit their web site

A total of 21 language guides designed to help you learn some of the key phrases of the local lingo - Arabic, Cambodian, French, etc.
The guides are yours to download for free and can be easily stored on a portable mp3 device for when you are on the road.

Visit their web site

Local Travel connects independent  travellers with local people....get under the skin of a place

Visit their web site
Malaria is a potentially fatal disease but the good news is that it is preventable, so plan wisely and prepare for healthy and happy travels! Visit their web site
Some tips for responsible and sustainable travel from National Geographic Magazine Visit their web site
 Excellent source of advice for health issues - vaccinations, preventitive measures etc Visit their web site
  Information for finding paid and voluntary jobs abroad covering tourism and ski jobs, gap years, teaching English and much more. Visit their web site
Promoting responsible travel and ecotourism, supporting sustainable development, and helping travelers and travel providers protect the cultures and environments they visit. Visit their web site

A living abroad resource with country guides and information on working holiday visas; a global expat community directory and opportunity listings to volunteer abroad, study abroad, teach abroad, work abroad and intern abroad.

Visit their web site
"Endlessly informative and helpful. This book should be on every traveller's shelf" Bill Bryson Visit their web site
A travel advisory site written in Nepal by one of our local partners for up to the minute news from Nepal Visit their web site
 a comprehensive web directory of travel sites - enabling you to access lots of travel information easily Visit their web site
a travel directory featuring articles, links and photos. Visit their web site
A UK based web portal promoting Responsible Tourism development in West Africa through the listing of specially selected tours, accommodations and volunteer projects offering unique experiences and which provide benefits to local communities in the chosen destination. Visit their web site

useful site for general info: passport & visa, flights, sites, etc

Visit their web site

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