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Volunteering abroad made us friends for life
We took a sabbatical from our lives! Read about two of our volunteers here read the full item
Where have all the children gone
Important article in the sunday times - read it here read the full item
Who are you helping
Sallie Grayson from People and Places (travel-peopleandplaces.co.uk), a UK organisation that arra... read the full item
Interview with volunteer placement director ( my what a fancy title!) Kate
 How do you go about volunteering, and how do you know what project is right for you? Read a re... read the full item
Get the local low-down on what responsible travel really means
Read an honest and hard-hitting interview with a local volunteer organisation - from partying gapper... read the full item
GoOverseas interviews Sallie Grayson
Read the interviewhere read the full item
Volunteers do more harm than good.
Follow the recent debates in the press about the validity of short term volunteering abriad - paricu... read the full item
A couple of blogs with advice for volunteers
These two pieces of advice have been published within days of eachother. The first , disappointingl... read the full item
The pitfalls of poor preparation?
This article in The Daily Telegraph. is particularly interesting because it shows local people ... read the full item
Mind the Gap
The Times names and shames Read it here read the full item
Loadsa LUCRE and limited lingo!
We appear to have an irresponsible operator here but do we not also have a somewhat naive volunteer?... read the full item
Cheap labour is not needed
Sallie Grayson's article for The Tourism Society  Spring2009. Read here read the full item
In a previous life I sold frocks
Sallie Grayson's article for Travelmole in 2008. Read read the full item
Smoke and Mirrors
Sallie Grayson article for the International Ecotourism Society Read it here read the full item
Time for volunteers to grow up
Dan Listead calls for the consumer to take responsibility for their choices http://www.wanderlust.co... read the full item
Frontier and the management fee question
Is this article true? If so what should we be doing ? http://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/article-1205... read the full item

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