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'a two-way thing'
Contributor: Mary

a few notes from a recent volunteer's report show strong local partnership:

Orientation and preparation at start of placement;
Excellent. It gave us an opportunity to ask questions and gain better understanding of overall project.

Experience and Work;
Once again this year, I enjoyed my time with Carers and Clients. It was a two-way thing, whereby we each benefitted. We had informal teaching sessions each day for about 1hr. when we got back to office from home visits.Subjects were chosen by Carers.
It is important to state that there is very limited opportunity for "hands on Nursing", but there are unlimited opportunities to pass on knowledge and skills. I found that the Carers were very keen to increase their knowledge.

Recommendations for future volunteers
Be yourself; Listen Well. Respect what is being said, people are a wealth of information. Don't get too" hung up" on Hiv/Aids/Tb. all the other illnesses that exist ... our input is important because we have access to the latest information, but remember they know more about Aid than we ever will.

You can determine from above that I feel reasonably happy about the volume of information we were able to exchange between us.

Finally, I really loved it. I would certainly go again!

Created: 23/08/2011
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