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appreciation for people and places from a new applicant
Contributor: ed
“I have wanted to volunteer abroad for a long time. I am very aware of some of the inequalities in the world and would like to try in a small way to make a difference in this. I hope that I have some skills and experience that can be of benefit to someone, and that experience of other cultures, circumstances and ways of working will be rewarding and enriching for me personally and in my professional practice.

"Having found people and places
I feel that I have found a way of volunteering abroad which can actually make a positive contribution and my concerns about doing this in a responsible way have been answered."

... and now we'll begin our full matching and preparation process with this skilled and experienced social worker towards a 'win-win' volunteer expereince, whereby she and the project will benefit from their time together.
Created: 05/01/2017
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