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how volunteering should be
Contributor: Julie

I was happy living in the mountains, being part of the school and also the village community 

Everyone made me feel as if I was helping even though I was only there for a short time.

The friendliness and welcome of everyone. 

I left wishing I could stay longer. The staff made me feel very welcome. Teaching in the school is a joy; the children speak good English and study hard.

I spent every lunchtime with the 4 younger teachers, watching them pool their food (no I did not join in those chillies were too hot), listening to Gyalbu play his guitar or Dorje record for his weekly radio slot.

I always had someone to walk home with; usually Sonam Sir’s music would be playing as we walked.  I elected to walk to school most days on my own as there is a very steep section and I liked to take the ascent slowly at that altitude.  Very often when walking along you would hear “Hello” from local women cutting leaves for their buffalos and goats.

 I hope I contributed to the school half of what the experience gave me. As long as you can live without all western comforts volunteering here will give you the experience of how volunteering should be 

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Created: 18/01/2012
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