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professional, friendly and positive
Contributor: Denise
I have nothing but praise for the way that the entire volunteer experience was; from initial contact to writing this report, I have had openness, excellent communication and explanation. Thank you!.....

– Having contacted people and places and submitted  a pen portrait of my personal and profession experience – a task that in itself was very rewarding for me – the placement was negotiated in principle. This was completed in a most professional, friendly and positive way by Kate. .. All very exciting things to do and learn about as well as background recommended reading. At this stage the support and additional information I sought from people and places was supplied by return of email and I was able to chat over possible choices with Kate – I found the whole experience most satisfactory and also learnt much from this part of the placement preparation.......

thank you for the superb way in which you run the volunteer programme - a very satisfied customer. Thank you!
Created: 18/01/2012
+44 (0) 1795 535718

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