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"You are now part of the Yangrima family"
Contributor: Nima

Dear Julie,
Great to hear from you and it was great having you at Yangrima. I am so sorry to hear about the delays. Hope that wasn't too panicking. 
Thank you so much for all your help and both the teachers and the students has benefited a lot. We are all missing you already. Look forward to having you back again soon. 
Will keep you posted of the development at the school. You are now a part of the Yangrima family. 
More soon

"Dear Nima
 Thank you very much for all your organisation of my placement. It was good to be so well looked after in Nepal.
 The meals out, before and after Yangrima, were very enjoyable and I appreciated them all, but particularly the evening with the Nepalese food and dancing in a great setting.
 My journey home involved an 8 hour delay and hence an overnight stay in Muscat, courtesy of Oman Air. I was not in a great hurry so it was fine.
 I am already missing the school, village and all the friends I made.
 Hopefully I will return one day, no doubt many of your future plans for the school will have materialised by then.
 I congratulate you and your fellow directors for their vision in founding the school.
Best wishes
Created: 16/12/2011
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