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TravelPledge - giving back through giving

As part of our commitment to financial transparency and accountability, people and places has played a major role in founding TravelPledge (registered charity no 1122270 under the name of Travel Philanthropy trading as TravelPledge), rather than setting up our own charity.

The objective of TravelPledge is to enable travelers to put something back into the places they visit – contributing to making better places for people to live in and to visit.

As a donor to our projects through TravelPledge, you will be able to specify which people and places projects you want your money to go to. TravelPledge will transfer those monies to the local team working with that particular project and they will report back as to how the money has been used.

There are two different categories of potential monies that can be donated through TravelPledge to benefit people and places' projects:
1. All monies detailed in the cost of your placement as a direct donation to your project (see each project for details of amounts) will be channelled through TravelPledge. This has two benefits – increased transparency and the addition of Gift Aid tax relief for UK tax payers. You will receive full details as to how this is done after you register with us.
2. Any additional funds you raise specifically for your project can also be channelled through TravelPledge. We neither expect nor ask for this, but we're repeatedly humbled by the ongoing generosity of volunteers who continue to support their projects after they return home. This makes donating on your return so much easier – you'll know that the money is properly managed as well being able to gain Gift Aid tax relief for UK tax payers.

Please note that only monies used in direct benefit for the project can be channelled through TravelPledge. Personal expenses, including accommodation, flights and volunteer placement and matching fees, cannot be managed through TravelPledge.
During the people and places matching process, we will send you full details of how you and the project can benefit from donating through TravelPledge. If you would like the information beforehand, please email us and we will send you details, or go to the people and places page on TravelPledge
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people and places is a social enterprise, it is not run for the benefit of shareholders - any profits after operating expenses are covenanted to the charity, TravelPledge (Travel Philanthropy – charity registration number 1122270)

Because the two organisations are independent of each other, you can rest assured that the use of your generous donations will be independently monitored by the Trustees of TravelPledge.

TravelPledge is run independently from people and places - no member of our staff is employed by the charity. Sallie serves on the board of trustees, and both Kate and Sallie maintain close working relationships with TravelPledge to ensure the best possible levels of service. Professor Harold Goodwin is the charity's founder and Chair of the Board of Trustees, and is also the non-executive Chair of people and places' Advisory Committee.

People & Places - Winner - World Responsible Tourism Awards 2013 - Best for Responsible Tourism Campaigning

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